7 Interesting Features Of Nokia Lumia 800

Posted on Jan 3 2013 - 4:50pm by LanrOni

You Must Have Used Amazon Kindle or Other Phone or Tab But It’s Time To Go for Nokia and Nokia Has Came With Nokia Lumia.Nokia lumia is the first mobile phone to run the windows phone OS. Nokia has been a popular telecommunication company with highest numbers of users all around the world with over 1.3 billion users in different part of the world; Nokia has been a leading mobile phone producer or manufacturer for at least two decades.

But this leadership in global world communication was challenged and taken away by Nokia when phones like iPhone and blackberry were launched a decade ago, this challenge lasted for some years before Nokia rise to move up in producing their own smart phones, producing phones that can work as normal mobile and browse and download files from the website, Nokia smart phones are built-in with different features that attract customers such as a powerful music player, Wi-Fi, 3G browser and many features just to mention few.

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With this achievement Nokia was still unable to meet up other smart phones manufacturing company, but on the 26 of October year 2011 Nokia unveiled their first window mobile to run on phone OS at the Nokia world event. Lumia 800 is unveiled a window mobile phone with window 7-OS, the phone has a convex gorilla glass AMOLED pen tile screen with clear black antiglare filter, the screen is 3.7inches screen (800×480 pixels).

The phone chipset comes from Qualcomm with a through colored unbody shell which is made from polycarbonate plastic. Lumia comes with wonderful and powerful features that make Nokia to sell over millions of it to its customers all around the world. There seven interesting features of Lumia 800 that makes it an interesting smart phone in the mobile phone market all over the world.

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Interesting Features Of Nokia Lumia 800

Operating System

Lumia 800 uses Microsoft’s Zune Software on windows PCs to synchronize any of your user content; the operating system is window 7.7.5 of the Microsoft Phone widow. Lumia 800 can be synchronized with windows phone 7 connector software for Mac 0SX. Lumia was built with a powerful Wi-Fi that makes it possible for its users to be charging and connecting it to the same network as to the host PC when it is connected. It came with working up to 25GB free Sky drive storage in Microsoft cloud service; this is indeed interesting phone from Nokia.


Lumia800 was built with Bluetooth2.1 for easy transfer of files from the two other in built Bluetooth gadgets, it has a G-Sensor of 802.11b/g/n. Lumia800 has a GPS application to know and navigate through the map. The phone comes with powerful micro-USB for other connection for the easiest transfer and downloading of files.

Data Input

Lumia800 was built and manufactured from Nokia as a multi-touch capacity screen phone with good touch screen qualities that make it easier to operate. Lumia has Proximity sensor and ambient light sensor 3-axis accelerometer with digital compass, with a music player that can play for up to 55hours nonstop, with a 3.5mm audio jack which makes it more enjoyable for you and easy to listen to music on Lumia from a long distance of 3.5mm. Lumia800 has a powerful vibration, MP3, wav ringtones, loudspeaker for a clear voice calls and music production.

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Screen Display

Lumia800 is a smart phones with interesting feature because of its wonderful screen, Lumia800 is total redefinition of smart phones because his wonderful and amazing designed screen of 3.7 inches screen clear black Gorilla Glass AMOLED pen Tile with antiglare filter at 252 PPI and a capacitive touch screen 480×800 pixels, with 16M-Color WVGA. The screen of Nokia Lumia 800 is a screen of adventure that can keep your eye glued to the phone because of its wideness for a quality picture and video on the phone because of its brightness, sharpness and attractive video quality.


Lumia 800 is built with an 8 mega pixel that can snap pictures as wide as 3264×2448 pixels, just thinking of taking the shot and holds a Lumia the shot is taken in a good, smart, amazing and beautiful shot than expected. The camera works with a dual LED– flash and an auto focus Carl Zeus optics 720p video capture, Lumia video capture by the camera is captured in high-definition quality with the in-built powerful optics 720pixels.


Nokia Drive– Lumia 800 has this wonderful application that gives its users through the world the chance of a turn by turn navigation for free.

Nokia Maps- Lumia 800 built with GPS give you this wonderful application to check and use Nokia phone on it.

Applications Highlights– Lumia 800 was manufactured by Nokia with this unbeatable feature that makes it so interesting; this application gives you service suggesting software based on location and operator.

Nokia Music– A free streaming music service and at the same time a music store on Nokia Lumia 800.

Office 365– This application is the best of all the five applications, it helps the user to edit, create spread sheets, open PowerPoint presentations and even make one notes files and these files can be stored on Microsoft’s Sky drive cloud service on the phone itself and other areas.

These were some Of the Interesting Features Of Nokia Lumia 800.Nokia Lumia Is one of The Best Windows Phone and I Think You Must Go For it.If You Found Something Missing Feel Free To Comment and You Can Also Share us Online for Appreciation.

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